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Compounding Pharmacy Offers Customized Medications

Not all medication is created equally, which is why using a compounding pharmacy is beneficial when a patient has specific needs that must be met. New York-based The Chemist Shop Specialty Compounding Pharmacy offers custom formulations for vegan/allergy-friendly treatments, hormone replacement therapy, weight loss, pain management, dermatology and more.

Owner Robert Viti explains the benefits of having medications formulated rather that filled at a chain pharmacy. First, exact dosages can be delivered when a physician prescribes less than the smallest available dosage in the market or a more maximum dosage. This eliminates pill cutting which doesn’t necessarily lead to an accurate dose.

Second, compounding pharmacies can combine several medications into one prescribed liquid form. This is especially convenient for senior patients that may find it difficult to remember which medications are to be taken at one time. Liquid medications can also be flavored to make them more palatable to children and adults that can’t tolerate bitter tastes. 

Compounding pharmacies are particularly useful for people with allergies, as they can formulate treatments such as ointment for diaper rash, homeopathic remedies or creams for pets without using ingredients that trigger a reaction. Finally, compounding pharmacies have access to pure, premium, medical-grade chemicals that often have lower costs. This makes compounded medicines less expensive than commercialized drugs.

Locations: 30 East 40th St., New York and 30-15 38th Ave., Long Island City. For more information, call 212-684-5125 option 2 or visit


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