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Free Video Series for Spiritual Health and Growth

Transformational coach Dr. Mike Berlin is offering a free video series as a road map to finding deeper peace and happiness. The series is an introduction to Berlin’s Living the Miracle program which guides people toward greater spiritual health and growth through teaching five healthy life skills that, for most of us, were missing while growing up, leaving us with false beliefs about ourselves and others. 

Berlin, or “Dr. Mike” as his clients call him, contends we feel at peace with life when we can find hope and comfort in even the hardest of times. “Spiritual growth comes from learning to “be” through awareness and acceptance,” he explains. “Spiritually we grow when we connect with our inner soul and become more harmonious with life around us, developing our own feelings of inner power and strength. This leads to taking more responsibility for own actions and happier living.” 

Berlin teaches his non-denominational, faith-based program in a fun, loving and interactive way. He emphasizes a practical reverence for our own self, God and all life. “I have never experienced such significant growth in such a short period of time,” says one client.

Free, 15-minute virtual consultations are available to give people a taste of the healing potential of Living the Miracle. “Dr. Mike,” who’s also a chiropractor, says he’s spent 30 years helping people transform stress from their bodies and their lives. The key is removing the interference from “the natural expression of you,” he explains. That means overcoming negative experiences like divorce; physical, emotional or sexual abuse; bad parenting; neglect; violence; a traumatic event; or just the ups and downs of life.

For more information or to schedule a free consultation, visit

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