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Your Inspiring Immune System

Submitted by Energy USA, Inc.

Your immune system has been with you since the very beginning. And, like you, it continuously learns how to be better and more efficient. It knows you exceptionally well—it can remember all your previous colds, flus, stomach aches and temperatures. Your immune system never rests. This ever flexible and resourceful body system is constantly solving problems you don’t even know you have.  Most importantly—you can’t survive without it. 

Your Body’s Security System

The job demands of the immune system are highly technical and complex. It sends various cell units into action every day with a broad range of weapons. These security system units circulate in your blood system and monitor what’s going on around them. They constantly patrol your bloodstream to ensure hostile strains of viruses, bacteria or fungi aren’t multiplying in your body. The cell units follow a very strict protocol with high demands—even on your own body’s cells. If any of them don’t work well, they are eliminated. 

Immune System Helpers

There’s a civilization of alien organisms in your body; but the immune system won’t attack them because they’re on your side. These organisms are the bacteria living in your large intestine, and the cell units literally depend on them. The bacteria are like sutlers. And like sutlers—those civilian merchants who sold goods from their wagons to the armies of old—so do these bacteria supply your patrolling units with the necessary resources. Your mental health would collapse without them. It’s crucial to care for the bacteria by refraining from antibiotics, hormonal contraceptives, unhealthy food, excessive alcohol use, and stress. On the contrary, you can help them—and yourself too—if you pamper your bacteria in the intestine and supplement their numbers. Probiosan, an Energy USA probiotic supplement, is an ideal solution. 

Boost Your Immune System

If you really want to help boost your immune system, increase your intake of vitamins D and C along with immune boosting minerals such as zinc, and herbs that are well-known for being beneficial to immunity—including echinacea and common sage. Energy USA has multiple products aimed at offering immune system support. When it comes to what’s on your plate, be sure to include plenty of green vegetables. It’s also important to take care of your body, mind and spirit by making time for things that really matter—like fitness, meditation, healthy relationships, rest and relaxation, and finding ways to add more happiness into your life. A healthier, happier, more fulfilled you is more likely to have a stronger immune system. 

Give Your Immune System a Workout

Your cell units need challenges. They grow stronger as they systematically overcome obstacles, and if they’re idle, they grow lazy and can even run wild and start attacking one another. A healthy and strong immune system is an immune system that is well-trained. Therefore, it’s crucial for your immune system to encounter pathogens regularly. Short-term stress strengthens it. For example, when you run up the stairs fast, jump into cold water, or find yourself in an unknown place. 

Energy USA Inc. is the creator of innovative nutraceuticals, therapeutic and care cosmetics, and veterinary products for the body and mind as a whole, using the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine. For more information, visit

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