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Living the Miracle Coaching

Dr. Michael J. Berlin, founder of Living the Miracle Coaching, has more than 30 years of experience working in the alternative health field. In addition to life coaching, he is a renowned educator, Network Spinal Analysis chiropractor, and trained group facilitator. This highly accomplished healer and communicator has dedicated his life to helping others to live the miracle that they are. “I’ve always felt that life was a miracle. I marveled at the natural world and the interconnectedness of all people, nature and the universe itself,” he shares. “And so, all my life I’ve wanted to help people live in communion with the love and miracles that I saw within us and all around us.”  

Berlin shares that his own personal struggles growing up in a semi-dysfunctional family led him to pursue a degree in psychology. After graduating with honors, he became a holistic practitioner specializing in helping others live happier, healthier, more stress-free lives. “I’ve helped thousands of people over the years,” he says. “Plus, I’m constantly learning and growing in my own skill and ability to live in connection with the love and miracles that I innately know are our birthright. In addition to reading hundreds of spiritual and self-help books and working with teachers and masters, I’ve attended thousands of hours of seminars, retreats, coaching programs, therapy and webinars.” 

All of the years spent in deep study has helped Berlin more effectively guide others to completely transform stress, anxiety, conflict and overwhelm into deep inner peace, love, connection and empowered authenticity—for good. “This all culminated in my discovering the five essential life skills that must be mastered in order to live in empowered communion with yourself and all life, which is the basis of my Living the Miracle Coaching,” he explains.   

Berlin’s unique proprietary process teaches these skills in a concise, fun and easy-to-apply way. “My coaching programs come with my digital course that teach these five sacred life skills. Mostly what I’ve done is synthesized 30 years of painstaking work and exploration and boiled it down to these essential life skills that must be mastered in order to truly live the miracle that you are—that is, to live your truth, your deepest truth, your true heart and soul, and your soul’s purpose. Also, by learning how to bring things to the light of the truth, my process helps people to re-write their past painful experiences and heal all the buried hurt, guilt, anger, shame, loneliness and fear.” 

According to Berlin, his process is not informational as much as it is transformational. “This is because it shifts people’s paradigm of how they see themselves in relationship to the people and world around them to one in which they wholly love and forgive themselves, know who they really are, are able to be intimate and speak their passion, and be able to live with authentic empowerment,” he affirms. “There are no tips and tricks; just a simple and profound way to heal the root causes of stress, anxiety, emotional pain and overwhelm to emerge as your true empowered self and live there forever—no matter what is going on in your life.” 

In addition to coaching, public speaking and facilitating, Dr. Berlin practices Network Chiropractic, a highly advanced neurological and energy work that clears stress and trauma patterns from the body. For more information and to book a free 20-minute consultation, call 516-780-3351 or visit 

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