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Inner Child and Beyond Oracle Card Deck Now Available

Artist Edie Pijpers and author Nina Mongendre are excited to announce the launch of their new Inner Child and Beyond Oracle Card Deck. “This powerful deck invites you on a journey to wholeness by offering a playful—yet deep and thorough—dive into inner child wounds, joys, fears, needs and more,” shares Pijpers. 

Deck holders are guided and supported each step of the way, with art that speaks to the heart of the inner child, along with a comprehensive guidebook that offers detailed reflections, healing statements, and visualization journeys. “It also includes practical techniques to soothe your nervous system and rewire your brain for resilience and inner peace,” explains Pijpers, a self-taught artist. “The soulful illustrations capture the essence of this journey igniting the joy, innocence and love that are your birthright.”   

Mongendre has spent the past 15 years guiding others on releasing what doesn’t serve them in order to reclaim joy and purpose in their lives. “I’ve found that when we heal our relationship with ourselves and with our lineage, we experience nourishing and lasting relationships with others. We created this deck as a companion for your journey. Its’ never too late to heal how your childhood lives in you.”

“Reclaiming and loving our inner child is key in growing up,” adds Pijpers. “This deck is a pure labor of love. We hope it brings you as much depth and love as it has for us.”

To learn more and purchase your deck, visit

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