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Marconics In-Person Certified Practitioner Training

Marconics Master Teacher Robin Landau is holding several upcoming Marconics workshops for like-minded seekers to explore the deeper truths of humanity’s origins and their role in the shifting galactic paradigm. 

The first is a two-day, Level I Marconics No-Touch workshop from January 7 to 8, in Long Beach, New York. The No-Touch healing protocol is the evolution of energy healing, raising one’s vibrational frequency to trigger profound spontaneous healing. The goal of a No-Touch session is to raise one’s frequency so high that an opportunity to connect to higher dimensional aspects of Self is made available.

“We are now at a choice point and our claim for soul sovereignty is at stake, but how can we make a choice in a free will society if we don’t even know what the options are?” asks Landau.

Marconics is an option that places ascension over evolution. “To achieve ascension in this lifetime and resonate energetically to higher realms of experience, enough DNA strands need to activate according to our individual vibrational frequency. We also need to shed the density of all karmic imprints and we must meet a certain level of spiritual maturity,” she explains. Marconics is here to assist individuals in their ascension.

Other classes include Level I, II and III Intensives which can be taken as a series or separately. These will be held January 21 to 25, in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania; February 18 to 22, in Sugarloaf, New York; and March 29 to April 2, in Lake Worth, Florida. 

For more information, call Robin Landau at 516-369-3653, email [email protected] or visit

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