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The Truth About Silver Fillings

The infamous “silver filling” is also known as a dental amalgam or mercury filling. The modern dental amalgam was first conceived in 1816 by the French dentist, Dr. Auguste Taveau, but earlier versions go back to the Tang Dynasty. Amalgams contain different combinations of silver, nickel, zinc, copper and tin inside a mercury matrix. 

Are dental amalgams safe? 

The main exposure of the mercury in a dental amalgam is from mercury vapor that is released during its placement, the act of chewing on it and later removal of the amalgam. This mercury vapor is essentially inhaled into the lungs and is absorbed and accumulates in various organs such as kidney, brain, lung, liver, gastro-intestinal tract and the exocrine glands, possibly leading to autoimmune dysfunctions in the body. After about 20 years, the amalgam material starts to corrode and leak, thereby allowing pathogens from the mouth to contaminate the tooth. The larger problem with amalgams is they are more rigid than our natural teeth. This causes the tooth to naturally flex around the mercury filling causing stress cracks, which can ultimately compromise the overall health and well-being of the tooth.

If you are considering removal of mercury fillings, it is critical that it be done correctly. Even with professionals trained in safe removal, do not assume all dentists have the same level of skill and expertise. At Integrative Dental Specialists of Long Island, Dr. Etess and his team can help you make the correct decision regarding your existing dental amalgams and other dental issues. The office has the specialized dental skill set and the most modern equipment to ALWAYS treat patients with the best and safest care. The most biocompatible, premium dental materials available today are continuously used.  Dental integrity is what Dr. Etess represents. If it cannot be done correctly, the procedure isn’t done at all. 

Teeth with amalgam fillings require even more maintenance than teeth without, no matter how well they are taken care of. Dr. Etess utilizes the most effective disinfection protocols and master skills and precision in technique when performing tooth restoration. Anything less will just not be successful in the long term.

If you are looking for the finest, safest, healthiest and most predictable results to correct your dental issues, supported by the most advanced dental technology, contact Integrative Dental Specialists to make an appointment with Dr. Etess today.

Integrative Dental Specialists of Long Island is located at 245 Hillside Ave., Williston Park, NY.  For more information, call 516-253-1800 or visit
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