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In This Issue: April 2024

Planet Conscious Travel

Who doesn’t love a good getaway? This month’s focus is on eco-tourism, and for good reason: saving our environment is a real concern. Sustainability isn’t just about recycling; it goes far beyond that, and you can help when you travel for that much-needed vacation. 

In our house, getting away together and recharging is something we all look forward to, and for Michael and me, it allows us to slow down and catch up with the boys in an unhurried atmosphere. We don’t put forth any grand plans; we take each day as it comes and do what we feel like doing. Sometimes, that’s nothing but sitting on a beach and swimming in the ocean. Dialing down from the frenetic pace of our regularly scheduled lives makes taking that trip good for the mind, body and soul.

After reading our “Sustainable Travel” article, I can check the following boxes:

Dine at locally owned eateries. This helps support those who live there year-round. There’s nothing better than enjoying food supplied by local farmers.

Bring eco-friendly sunscreen. On our last island trip, we read that using eco-friendly sunscreen would protect sea life and coral reefs. 

Pack a cloth tote for daily excursions. We do this on every trip we take and reuse it at the beach to carry our towels and essentials. 

Additionally, getting to know the locals and being genuinely interested in who they are and what they love most about their home helps direct us to sites and attractions that can help them continue their sustainability mission. Tourism is vital for many countries, and finding a way to support the local economy is a step in the right direction. 

Knowing that we are helping the environment as we enjoy the natural beauty of our destination not only makes me feel good but also shows our respect for the land of others. This world belongs to all of us, so collectively, we can protect, preserve and save our planet for future generations. 

Happy Travels!


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