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Business Spotlight: My Fruitful Body Nutrition

Nurturing From the Inside Out

Angela Houlie is a registered dietitian nutritionist and founder of My Fruitful Body Nutrition. She works with individuals and families to help them experience food freedom, making the process of choosing healthy foods as simple and stress-free as possible. As an expert in nutrition, Houlie offers individualized nutrition counseling services, group counseling and corporate wellness partnerships.

The diet industry perpetuates the false concept of “good” and “bad” foods. In truth, all food is fuel, and all foods are allowed in a healthy diet, unless there is a medical reason not to. Nourishing the body should be sustainable and obtainable, which means including all foods in a healthy diet. At My Fruitful Body Nutrition, Houlie coaches the organic process of nurturing the body from the inside out, while helping clients find what nourishes their body so they can live a long and healthy life.

Together, Houlie and clients focus on meals that can be made quickly from simple ingredients using techniques that fit one’s lifestyle. During sessions, people discover their habits and goals and dig deep into the root cause behind their eating behaviors. Using mindful eating techniques and tools like workbooks, visuals and knowledge-based skills, clients gain confidence in their food choices and learn concepts like how to eat slower and more mindfully, meal planning for mindful eating, using the hunger scale to eat intuitively and so much more. 

Traditional intuitive eating can feel challenging—we are supposed to trust our body to make good food choices. “Mindful eating puts you in charge, not in control,” she says. “Instead of the extremes of trying to stay in control at any given time, you have the freedom and flexibility to fuel yourself the way you want to mindfully.”

Houlie understands how difficult it is to break free from wrong beliefs about food choices. Her own journey is what led her to pursue this line of work and find My Fruitful Body Nutrition. “Without knowledge, how can we fully make the right choices?” she asks. Houlie offers her knowledge, along with tools and accountability, to help individuals heal their relationship with food and stop dieting for good. 

“We need to eat to support our daily lives but figuring out what to eat should be the easiest part of our day; it shouldn’t make us feel stressed,” she maintains. Using simple and realistic ideas, clients leave sessions saying, “I never thought nutrition would be this easy.” 

Nutrition counseling services are insurance-based or through self-pay and are packaged to individuals and families. Houlie has authored her first book, My Fruitful Pregnancy: A Complete & Easy Guide to Pregnancy Nutrition, and is working on a self-paced, six-week online course that will be offered to supplement the book. She also plans to expand to offer group courses on mindful eating practices. 

Working with her, clients can eliminate fad diets, restrictions, guilt and shame, see the fruits of all their body can achieve and learn to understand what Houlie reminds each person, “You are wonderfully made, and you are worth it!”

For more information, call 516-592-2974, email [email protected] or visit
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