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Living the Miracle with Dr. Mike Berlin

Dr. Mike Berlin begins another session of his 12-week Living the Miracle program in February. This course is for anyone experiencing stress, worry, guilt, conflict or emotional pain, and who wants to be free to live with more profound inner peace, love, spiritual connection and empowered authenticity. The three-month program starts February 7 and meets over Zoom every Tuesday from 7:30 to 9 p.m. All sessions are recorded and can be kept for reviewing as often as one likes. 

Natural Awakenings readers will receive a free 15-minute consultation and a one-hour, one-on-one session with Berlin after the three-month course has been completed. We had a conversation with him to learn more about the program.

What does Living the Miracle mean? 

Living the Miracle is all about learning how to truly live coming from love and your truest self. It teaches how to re-engineer our past emotional hurts and traumas to completely heal our past and learn to continuously live connected to our unique, empowered selves—that is, to live the miracle that we already are! It is not personal growth as much as it is spiritual growth, defined as being about reaching out to and connecting with our Soul’s purpose. It is a method of becoming more harmonious with life around us, developing our own feelings of inner power and strength that leads to living a happier life.

Do you have an overview of the course structure? 

Each week, participants watch a module on one of the 5 Sacred Life Skills at home. Then, we discuss it in class, answer questions and help participants apply it to their lives. Action steps in between classes help everyone apply what they are learning to their lives. My unique, proprietary process is very hands on and participatory, complete with mid-week tools and support. 

Can you clarify more about how your system works?   

From childhood hurts, traumas and neglect, we learn to come more from the fear and mistrust part of our brains. These unproductive/destructive life skills don’t allow us to create and cultivate the loving, mature and empowered relationships that we need to experience life’s true joy, peace, love, and abundance. Without these, we accumulate emotional hurt, guilt, anger, shame, loneliness and fear. The more fearful we become, the more we feel we need to control people and things inside and outside us. We begin to try to continuously manage our lives and emotional well-being. As this happens, we continually act out and become reactionary; our emotional suffering continues to grow. My work shows exactly how to reverse this and, using the 5 Sacred Life Skills live an authentic life, connected to our true heart and soul as a spiritual being having a unique, authentic and fulfilling human experience. You will be able to transform any stress and conflict in the moment and continually live with much more peace, purpose and passion. 

What precisely are the five sacred life skills?  

1. How to live from love and trust instead of living out of fear and mistrust.

2. Living empowered by absolutely knowing that only we are in charge of our own emotional well-being.

3. Learning why and how to love and forgive ourselves (and others) completely.

4. Being able to get connected fast and continuously live in the present moment, especially when we are triggered.

5. Being free to know and express our truth with passion, compassion and appropriate boundaries.

When we master these 5 Sacred Life Skills, we will live connected with our true selves (soul), God/Spirit and all life. When we express and experience ourselves from this connection, then we can truly live our profound truth and soul’s purpose.

How will I get to my most profound truth? Will I know it in 90 days? 

Our deepest values are our soul’s calling; those things that we always want to get, give and stand for, without exception. We can come to know them in 90 days, or at least begin to know them and how to keep cultivating them.

How is confidentiality taken care of? 

Will participants share personally with others in the sessions? The program is limited to 10 people. Participants can share as much or as little information as they want with the group; however, we encourage individuals to step out of their comfort zone and be vulnerable and brave enough to share. The more that someone puts in, the more they will get out. However, it is not required. Also, all recorded sessions are in a private, password-protected folder that only our group can access.

Is there any follow-up support provided after the three-month course? 

For a low monthly fee of $49, participants get access to our members-only site that has all my recorded masterclasses, upcoming masterclasses, discounts on supplements and other products to reduce stress and tension. They also can attend one group coaching class per month! 

The course costs $1,997. For more information, call 516-780-3351 or visit

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