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Hidden Gall Bladder Troublemaker

by David Pollack

Unknown to most, the gall bladder can be the cause of many of their unrelated and often common symptoms: shoulder and neck stiffness or pain, hormone imbalances, bloating, nausea, fertility issues, headaches, weight gain, sciatica, poor blood sugar, back pain, dizziness, acid reflux, heartburn, aches and pains, difficulty breathing, dry or oily skin, poor hair quality or loosing hair. 

The gall bladder is a pouch located behind the liver. Its job is to store and release the bile into the digestive tract. This is to improve the efficiency of fat digestion. It is an extension of the liver as its functions rely upon it. 

Fats are the backbone for most of the body’s hormones, skin and nerve and brain insulation. Poor fat digestion will cause deficiencies or imbalances affecting the function of those areas. For instance, when fat is not fully digested and remains in the gut, it becomes rancid, causing inflammatory reactions. It may also feed the harmful bacteria and yeasts in the small intestine, causing overgrowth and toxicity. Poor digestion will cause a breakdown of the gut lining, and irritations will expand. 

The liver and gall bladder nerves originate in the upper and mid back and could cause reflexive contraction or sensations in other places those nerves control. The gall bladder tends to cause tightness and pain in the right shoulder, even weakening it. This often lays the groundwork for a rotator cuff or frozen shoulder injury. 

In our modern life, more than 80,000 chemicals registered by the EPA—many of which are synthetic— enter the body which has no means to metabolize and break the chemicals down. The liver, in its wisdom, encapsulates these intolerable toxins inside the bile, hoping it will be excreted through the digestive tract. Unfortunately, over time the bile becomes thick, much like toothpaste. The thickened bile is not visible on any advanced imaging technique except for stones. It often is only remarked upon after the gall bladder has been surgically removed, which usually has poor long-term outcomes. Without a gall bladder, fats cannot be properly digested, and the above functions will be permanently compromised, causing various symptoms. Most people gain significant weight within five years of their gallbladder removal due to the ensuing hormone imbalances that develop and expand.

There are ways to mitigate these issues, both before and after surgical interventions. Gallbladders are finicky organs. A conservative approach that slowly and smoothly improves its function is the preferred treatment. One way is through using particular enzymes and herbal blends to assist digestion, thin the bile, or detoxify and improve the liver. These functions must be assessed concerning the whole state of health and be done with caution and control. It is strongly recommended that any gall bladder or liver modification be made with qualified and experienced supervision.

Dr. David Pollack specializes in the healing of digestive disorders, thyroid conditions, autoimmune diseases, weight abnormalities, emotional distress and hormone imbalances. His practice, Pollack Wellness Institute, is located at 66 Commack Rd., Ste. 204, Commack. For more information, call 631-462-0801 or visit

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