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Natural Awakenings NYC & Long Island

Heal, Grow and Progress Through Spiritual Enlightenment

Administering profound spiritual guidance, a phone consultation with mystic and spiritual master, Dr. Swamproot, lifts clients up to experience enchanting, luminous peace. Offering in-depth readings, dream interpretations, neutralization of adversaries and more, Swamproot helps to renew one’s aura/spirit/soul, or what he calls the three incandescent accordant points of man-woman. 

According to Swamproot, our aura is the subtle energy that circumscribes and emanates colored light from the physical body; it is the etheric energy signature of the soul. Our spirit is the vital respiration force, or the spherical body, which circumscribes the soul. And our soul is the complete-wholeness and everlasting eternal-quintessence of man-woman, which hovers behind the heart within the solar-plexus region.

Shining spiritual light upon the pathways of life, Swamproot guides clients through any issue or problem (past, present and future), from the most minuscule and beyond. 

 “We are all continually affected, one way or another, by interactions that manifest positive and negative energies which penetrate through the body’s auric field, thus nesting within the conscience and sub-conscience, profoundly affecting the senses, as well as wearing down the mind and body,” he explains. “Subsequently, it causes a life-tiring overload of stress, thrusting into prolonged, disadvantageous states, of social constraints and professional impediments of optimum performance level.” 

For more information or to schedule a consultation, call 888-219-LIFT[4694] or email [email protected]
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