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Product Spotlight: Support the Body’s Water Element with Products from Energy

According to the theory of the five elements in Traditional Chinese Medicine, we can divide the course of the year into five elements or periods. Winter is a cold season when our kidneys and bladder become stressed. These two organs belong to the element of Water, which reigns in winter. 

This winter, support the body’s Water element with products from Energy that help balance the kidneys, urinary bladder, prostate and joints. Renol and Artrin are two such products that can assist in keeping these areas of the body healthy during this time of year.

Water is the basis of life, not only on planet Earth, but also in our bodies. Both western and Chinese medicine see the kidneys as water-managing organs that decide whether to use or get rid of the liquid. Good condition of the kidneys is necessary for the formation, growth and quality of teeth and bones, and it is reflected in the strength and shine of our hair. Reduced kidney function can manifest as fatigue, sore throat or angina, but also as fears or sleep talking.

The element of Water can be strengthened with various herbs such as blackcurrant, goldenrod or heather. These and other herbs support the kidneys, have a beneficial effect on inflammation of the bladder, support metabolism and act against rheumatism. In addition to internal use, it is good to find a cream with the named herbs and to support the organs topically as well. 

Other ways to support the kidneys are to maintain a proper drinking regimen, prevent the feet and back from getting cold and sleep in a room that isn’t too cold. Seeking the right balance between work and rest can ensure the kidneys get enough time for recuperation.

For more information on membership and products at Energy, visit Product.Energy.
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