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Natural Remedies for Fresh Breath

by Dr. Lewis Gross, DDS

Activities such as dancing bring people close together, and nothing is a bigger turn-off to a close embrace than halitosis, or bad breath. Most breath fresheners are either sweetened candy that contain sugar, a known cause of tooth decay, or alcohol mouthwash, which is highly acidic and can dissolve tooth enamel. Instead, try these natural, quick remedies for sustainable, fresh breath:

1. Stay hydrated with alkaline water. Bad breath is often a consequence of dry mouth.

2. Check that medications don’t contain antihistamines which can cause dehydration. Many over-the-counter medications have this side effect.

3. Check your oral pH level. Acidic saliva (pH below 6) promotes bad bacteria.

4. Fix any poor-fitting crowns or other openings that can collect food and cause odor.

5. Get regular dental cleanings with ozone. Ozone is a natural antiseptic. 

6. Extract infected root canals. Dead teeth don’t always hurt but the aerobic bacteria living in them can still emit odors. Get a 3-D, CBCT X-ray to determine if previous root canals are bad. 

7. Clean the whole mouth. Bacteria and fungi can hide in the cheeks and under the tongue.

8. Manually stimulate saliva glands. This can help to improve saliva flow and prevent dry mouth.

9. Use an alkaline oral cleanse, a natural solution that balances the oral microbiome and prevents bad breath and tooth decay. 

Dr. Lewis Gross, DDS, is a holistic dentist with his own practice located at 17 Park Place, NYC. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call 212-732-2200 or visit Holistic-Dentists.com.
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