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Spring and the Wood Element

Products to Support the Season’s Energy

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the energy of spring is associated with the element of Wood. Thus, now is the ideal time of year to strengthen Wood’s associated organ, the liver, and its partner organ, the gallbladder. In TCM theory, the most crucial function of the liver is a smooth flow of Qi and blood, regulating emotions. A flow that’s blocked leads to stagnation and, subsequently, health problems.

The Wood element represents all that is moving, developing and outwardly expanding; it embodies growth. Constrained Wood can manifest as frustration, anger and irritation. When Wood is unbalanced, one can experience headaches, migraines, painful PMS, low blood pressure, dry and itchy eyes, spasm, skin problems such as eczema and psoriasis, and brittle nails. Longer-lasting imbalances can have profound effects.

With support, symptoms can be eliminated, and we can enjoy access to potent spring energy. Spring is a time of action, change and rebirth. It’s a time to follow our vision and see the path to it more clearly.

The element of Wood can be supported by paying attention to our breath, walking, stretching and moving. We can help balance Wood with a mild spring detox, massage therapy and by getting enough sleep. Herbal medicine containing milk thistle, dandelion and horehound can also assist in removing any Wood blockages. 

The company Energy carries two products composed to correspond with Wood energy. Regalen is an herbal concentrate that harmonizes the liver and gallbladder, and Protektin is an herbal cream used on the skin to assist Regalen. By understanding the principles of TCM, we can use these ancient practices to maintain health and well-being.

For more information on membership and products at Energy, visit Product.Energy.


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