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Practitioner Profile: Paulina Podbiello

Practitioner Profile: Paulina Podbiello, Intuitive Yoga, Meditation and Breathwork Teacher

Yoga, meditation and breathwork teacher Paulina Podbiello is on a mission to help others lead more fulfilled lives by teaching them natural ways to improve their health. Her offerings are often taught in the spirit of child-like energy and play. “My childhood was filled with fun and adventure—even though growing up in Poland at that time was not easy. My idea of growing up was this belief that I should never grow up as it is a trap,” shares Podbiello, whose curiosity led her to travel the world so she could experience other cultures. She believes these innate abilities help her in her practice. “My natural inclinations are to be the light and to inspire others to step outside their comfort zones and try something new. I love connecting with people and my students to create a bond so everyone can feel comfortable.” 

Podbiello studied International Business in the UK because her father wanted her to take over the family business.  “Unfortunately, that didn’t work out for him as I had other plans for myself,” shares this passionate entrepreneur, who notes that her pursuit of self-discovery led her to many wonderful places where she met dynamic mentors who would be instrumental in her career. 

Podbiello strongly believes that anyone can heal themselves using the right combination of modalities and lifestyle choices to create balance within. “There is definitely a growing number of people needing alternative healing,” she attests. “Medication very often only covers the problem and does not solve it. Many of my students come to class already suffering from chronic conditions like back pain, insomnia, stress, high blood pressure and fatigue—and sometimes a combination of them all.” She loves nothing more than watching these conditions fade into the memories of her students.  

In fact, Podbiello confirms that what lights her up the most about her practice is witnessing both subtle and profound transformation in her students.  “I love observing the process of my students evolving while their bodies are changing and their minds are shifting,” she affirms. 

Podbiello’s future goals include offering more online programs and courses, in addition to teaching yoga retreats in Asia, India and Mexico. “My biggest dream is to create an online school for likeminded people who would like to learn and practice yoga, meditation and breathwork,” she adds. 

Her advice to anyone wanting to easily improve their state of health?  “Always be mindful of your posture, seek out natural ways to relax and destress, move and stretch your body daily, and don’t be afraid to incorporate new, healthy habits,” she says. “And above all, always stay curious.” 

For more information, call 347-286-6448, email [email protected] or visit YogiOfNYC.com

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