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Connect to Your Self and Soul’s Purpose with Yoga and Breathwork

For years Natural Awakenings Sales Director Carol Leitner, MBA, certified Kripalu yoga instructor, has been using her yoga/stretch/strengthening and breathwork practice as a powerful physical, emotional and spiritual tool.

“I experienced my first yoga/stretch breathwork class on the Upper West Side and attended this class for 16 years,” she says. “This class provided me with enormous peace and clarity, along with a deep connection to my Self and my soul’s purpose.” By breathing deeply and stretching, Leitner shares that she was transported to a place of samadhi, or “consciousness without Self, bliss, or time-out-of time as defined by psychotherapist and author, Stephen Cope in his book Yoga and the Quest for True Self,” she explains. “According to Cope, when we drop out of the mind and into the body, we experience complete well-being.”

Leitner agrees and feels that this practice has brought her enormous clarity on her relationships, health, right livelihood, and her soul’s purpose. “I use this daily practice to gain clarity on what I am here to do, and how I can serve humanity in the highest way,” she affirms. 

To share this gift with others, Leitner offers daily Gentle Yoga/Stretch/Breathwork classes, both on the mat and in the chair, to beginners and experienced yoga and breathwork practitioners. In addition, she has a following of over 5,000 holistic lifestyle enthusiasts in her Meetup groups. “If you’re interested in staying informed on local holistic events, please consider joining one of my two holistic meetup groups,” she adds. 

To sign up for classes and receive your first class for 50 percent off, call 516-242-8270 or email [email protected]. For holistic meetup event information, visit Meetup.com/the-wellness-and-entrepreneurs-exchange and Meetup.com/holistic-living-on-long-island.

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