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21 Day Detox and Reset Program

The team at Cleansing Concepts is excited to announce they have partnered with certified health coach Michaela Horvathova to offer a 21-day transformational detox and reset program. “It’s important that we are detoxing our body throughout the year,” says Cleansing Concepts owner, Vanessa Drew. “This is a great program to reset and get that process going while also supporting you in the long-term by providing lifestyle hacks and tips to help your body detox every single day.”

The 21 Day Detox and Reset Program will help to jump start weight loss and reduce cravings, boost immunity, improve focus and energy, support digestive health and enhance mood and sleep quality. “It’s the healthy lifestyle kickstart you need,” assures Horvathova. “You’re guaranteed to feel better in one week.” The program includes a 45-minute health coaching call and digital course, colon hydrotherapy, a lymphatic drainage session, an infrared sauna session, a detox foot bath and a dry skin brush, along with a supply of Shaklee supplements and shakes. A shopping list and recipes are also included. 

“To participate in the program, first you’ll order your Ready Set Wellness Bundle which includes your personalized Shaklee Meology supplements along with two Life Shake and nutritional boosts,” explains Drew. “Week one features a health coaching call with Michaela plus access to the online course, in addition to starting the seven-day cleanse. Week two includes a colon cleanse and foot detox, along with dry skin brushing. Week three rounds out the services with a lymphatic drainage session along with a visit to the infrared sauna.” 

This program is available at all Cleansing Concepts locations. “Refer a friend and you’ll receive a free foot detox,” adds Drew.  

Cost: $598. For more information, visit Scan the codes below to get started.  

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