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Have Your Own Spirituality Retreat without Leaving the City

Spirituality Week, a city-wide festival to nourish the spiritual needs of New Yorkers and its visitors, is taking place June 2 to 11 across more than 100 spiritual centers, studios, parks and independent venues in the five boroughs of New York City. 
The festival contains hundreds of events hosted by everyone from emerging practitioners to major spiritual centers. Thousands will experience a deeper sense of belonging, spiritual connection, holistic practices, boundless possibilities, and breakthrough moments to support all aspects of life. 

Spirituality Week and its partners will offer an eclectic array of immersive experiences focused on spiritual exploration through workshops, individual sessions, luminary keynotes, celebratory performances, and intimate dinners on a free and paid basis. “This festival will be the first of its kind by allowing you to have your own spiritual retreat without leaving the city,” assures Spirituality Week co-founders, Ross Guttler and Peter Corbett. “After the last few years, we know how much you want to be with your friends and community while continuing your spiritual journey. So, for an entire week, we encourage you to come Practice, Together.”

The pair believe spiritual practices are the medicine of our time, always have been, and they always will be. “Yet the fractured nature of our spiritual ecosystem prohibits the kind of vibrancy that’s possible when it’s deeply interconnected. That’s where we come in,” explains Corbett. “By creating a community-driven festival platform, we’re able to be inclusive of divergent practices, practitioners and centers. We seek to convene, commune and curate rather than command and control the program.” 

“Now I want to gather as many people as possible and evangelize for these ancient and modern practices of self-care and actualization, translating the esoteric into the understandable, and making it accessible to all of New York City,” adds Guttler, who notes the Los Angeles edition is planned for late 2023. “And in 2024/2025, New York and Los Angeles will continue to refine and grow in their second and third years, while we add another U.S. city and several international locations.”

For more information, visit and Instagram/spirituality_week

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