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Harmonizing Male Hormones for Optimal Health

Submitted by Energy USA

It is scientifically proven that the periodically recurring hormonal cycle in men is related to fluctuations in the level of male sex hormones—especially testosterone, the most important male sex hormone. It may be accompanied by mood swings, sexual function disorders, and other health problems.

Testosterone, which is formed in the testicles, is responsible for the development of the male sex, body and facial hair, sexuality, libido, and depth of voice, along with an increase of muscle mass. It also helps balance the mood and improves memory and concentration. 

In recent years, scientific studies have shown that its level fluctuates in relatively regular short- and long-term cycles. It manifests outwardly as states of frustration or fluctuating moods.

A lack of testosterone can cause a gradual loss of muscle mass, hair loss, skin atrophy, excessive fat deposition in the body, osteoporosis and anemia. Additionally, mental and physical performance may worsen. 

Thankfully, there are natural ways to combat these symptoms. For instance, carefully chosen herbal drops can be of great benefit as they may harmonize the cardiovascular and nervous system. Herbal drops can also help detoxify the entire organism and offer support for proper functioning of the male glands and male fertility. 

Crucial support also comes from minerals. The most optimal absorbable form can be found in a colloidal solution. Minerals are necessary for the correct course of biochemical events in the body, for the creation of enzymes, hormone regulation and detoxification, tissue and muscle regeneration, in addition to sperm production. 

Blending the right herbs with a balanced diet and plenty of exercise, can help any man maintain his healthy, active and powerful self.

Eva Giannone represents Energy USA, a global company that offers all-natural herbal drops and creams, vitamins, minerals and other herbal supplements to help balance the body and mind. For more information on products and membership, call 917-400-3194 or visit Product.Energy.

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