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Awaken Your True Voice with Renowned Voice Teacher

Jean McClelland, renowned voice teacher, senior teacher of the Alexander Technique, and faculty member of the Graduate Department of Theater at Columbia University, is excited to announce she has joined the teaching staff at One Spirit Learning Alliance.

Her first class “Awakening Your True Voice: Expressing Your Passion and Purpose,” begins November 7 and will take place online from 6 to 8 p.m. on four Tuesday evenings through December 5.

In this workshop, attendees will integrate tools from the Alexander Technique and Carl Stough’s Principles of Breathing Coordination to improve their psychophysical alignment and help re-establish a natural, coordinated way of breathing. “In each class we will explore the direct link between breathing, voice and creative self-expression through poetry and song,” explains McClelland. Participants will be given a repertoire of exercises, written materials, and videos to help them practice and continue opening to a more creative part of their mind while strengthening their voice and breathing.

Through this practice, participants will uncover a voice that is spontaneous and free, open and expressive.  “The journey to your true voice begins with an awareness of your body’s miraculous ability to breathe itself—the truest meaning of inspiration and the foundation of many spiritual practices,” affirms McClelland. “Grounded in presence and your essential nature, awakening your true voice will express your highest, creative Self in a way that is spontaneous, vital and filled with joy.”

Cost: $100 general public, $90 One Spirit graduates and students. Class dates: November 7, 14, 28 and December 5. For more information, visit and
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