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One Spirit Learning Alliance Spiritual Education for Change Makers

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In the face of ever-growing global crises and the increasing rate of volatility in the world, people are facing unprecedented challenges and more questions than ever. 

Over the past two decades the Pew Research Center has revealed that a rapidly growing population in the United States is seeking answers outside of traditional religious institutions. These people, who identify as “spiritual but not religious,” yearn for meaning, purpose, connection and personal transformation outside of conventional religious frameworks. 

Meanwhile the faithful of various religions recognize that today’s challenges are too great for siloed communities to address alone. A collaborative approach is needed to help bring shared insight from multiple perspectives to identify new solutions. 

So what if we, no matter what our faith or belief system, could appreciate and honor the positive core of each wisdom tradition and seek resonance with contemporary wisdom while reframing our differences as strengths rather than divisive barriers? 

One Spirit Learning Alliance was founded over 20 years ago to do just that, to delve into the mystic roots of all great wisdom traditions, seeking that inspired interspiritual foundation from which all genuine insight springs forth. 

One Spirit students make a commitment to look deeply within, surface old beliefs, challenge perceptions, and open themselves to a new awareness, a new appreciation of life, and a new call to action. Once opened, once awake, once aware of the profound interconnectedness of all life, there is simply no other way to be in the world but to make a positive difference.

Many students begin their studies in one of One Spirit’s many affordable public workshops in a variety of topics relevant to contemporary life, such as Cultivating a Life of Sustainable Compassion, Animal Funerals, Nature Spirituality, Undoing Racism, and even Awakening Your True Voice taught by Natural Awakenings’ contributor, Jean McClelland. 

Students in the Interspiritual Companioning and Counseling training are taught the art and practice of sacred listening, meeting others in their wholeness, and accompanying them on a journey of spiritual self-discovery and discernment.

The Art of Dying Institute’s Certificate in Thanatology offers an immersive exploration of the diverse spiritual facets of death and bereavement for students who wish to accompany others through the process of dying or who seek to understand their own mortality. 

One Spirit Seminary students peer past religious differences and uncover the shared mystic origins that inspired them all. They explore commonalities among faiths, practices that infuse daily life with meaning, and ceremonies that mark rites of passage and channel energy and intention forward in powerful ways.

One Spirit graduates are uniquely qualified to bridge the sacred and secular and to celebrate both diversity and unity, in service to anyone in need, no matter their worldview or tradition of origin. 

Explore your questions and discover the answers that are within you in a free discernment call at 1Spirit.org.

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