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Learn to Reduce Stress While Enjoying Free Italian Dinner

Dr. Mike Berlin, holistic doctor, healer, sought after speaker, and developer of the unique Living the Miracle transformational coaching process invites the Natural Awakenings community to a free dinner event being held at 6:30 p.m. on November 30 at LaFamiglia restaurant in Plainview, New York. 

During this free event, which includes dinner, a gift, and special offer for all attendees, Berlin will discuss his proprietary body, mind and spirit approach to healing the root causes of chronic stress overload. “Do you or someone you know suffer with worry, anxiety, stress or emotional traumas that are taking a toll on your life and health?” asks Berlin. “According to the CDC, 93 percent of all doctor visits are stress related. Stress can lead to cancer, heart attacks, spinal and emotional problems, chemical imbalances, and more. And unfortunately, chronic stress overload is now in epidemic proportions and is getting worse.”

Symptoms of chronic stress overload include anxiety and depression, emotional dysregulation, sleep difficulties, digestive disorders, back and neck problems, immune dysfunction, long COVID, and other unresolvable health conditions. “Unfortunately, emotional, chemical and physical stresses accumulate over your lifetime causing weakness and malfunction in your mind and body,” says Berlin, who has been treating and teaching people how to transform and eliminate stress in their bodies and lives for 30 years. 

“By blending a unique form of gentle neurological and energetic body work, all-natural nutrition, and a proprietary transformational coaching process, I have helped patients clear stress and emotional traumas from their mind and nervous systems, find love, live the truth of who they are, and heal almost every system in the body as a consequence,” affirms Berlin. “Essentially, what I do is remove the physical, chemical and emotional interference to the natural, God-given, expression of you!”

Berlin offers these dinners as a chance to learn more about these healing modalities in a relaxed, comfortable setting. “While you’re enjoying a delicious, full course Italian dinner on me, you’ll hear from other patients who have gone through my processes, get a chance to ask me questions, and discover if my method is exactly what you’ve been looking for,” he assures.

Location: 641 Old Country Rd., Ste. A, Plainview, NY. Seating is limited. To reserve your spot, call 516-822-8499.

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