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A Message of Hope for Awakening Humanity

By Jim Weaver

On October 8, Share International volunteers Judy Kretmar and Camille Laoang delivered a hopeful message in their co-presentation at Quest bookstore, where a spiritual perspective on world events was offered for consideration.

 The audience was introduced to the existence of the Spiritual Kingdom, the next phase in our evolution of consciousness, represented by the Masters of Wisdom and headed by Maitreya, the World Teacher for the new age.

With an easy-going manner, Kretmar described the current transition of ages from that of Pisces to Aquarius as a major reason for the polarity in the world’s population, and how Maitreya and the Masters are helping us through the difficulties inherent in this time of crisis.

In a thoughtful and deliberate way, Laoang expanded on Maitreya’s priorities, explaining that the awakening of humanity to its essential oneness demonstrated by sharing the world’s food and resources equitably is key to creating a needed paradigm shift, from which solutions to other problems besetting mankind would follow.

The event concluded with participation in Transmission Meditation, a group service activity which provides an opportunity to work with the Masters in the healing and transformation of the world, accelerating one's own spiritual evolution in the process.

An attendee remarked, “I was so glad to be there. It was so interesting. Both presenters did a great job. So well prepared and presented; great to see such audience participation.”

Jim Weaver is a volunteer with Share International USA. More information about the emergence of Maitreya and the Masters of Wisdom into the everyday world can be found at

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