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The Gallbladder - A Hidden Troublemaker

by Dr. David Pollack

While many people have heard of the gallbladder, it’s often in relation to attacks due to the presence of gallstones. This can be a very painful situation. Many people who suffer from gallstone attacks are convinced to have their gallbladders surgically removed. For some, this reduces the severe pain that the gallstones create. However, for many others, the pain just changes and new digestive problems appear. Some people end up experiencing pain on the right side under the front and/or back of their ribs. For others this pain can extend up to the shoulder. 

Over time other symptoms that seem unconnected to the gallbladder begin to emerge as well, such as loose stools or constipation, memory issues, skin problems, menstrual issues, and a decrease in libido, among other concerns. While these symptoms might appear to be random occurrences, they’re expected. The gallbladder helps to digest fats that your body needs to support all the functions these symptoms are related to. 

Most people don’t have calcified stones or gallbladder attacks as their primary gallbladder symptoms. Most gallbladder issues are the formation of sludge or a sand-like substance from the bile, a normally dish soap-like consistency. As the bile thickens, it no longer aids in digesting fats as it normally would. At first, this can cause digestive disturbances such as bloating and stool abnormality to potential symptoms like hormone imbalances; hair, skin and nail issues; thyroid problems; memory issues or brain fog; leaky gut; infertility; low libido; menstrual imbalance; headaches; joint stiffness; frozen shoulder; nausea; dizziness; and many more. 

Many doctors often consider gallbladder issues for their patients, only to find the typical tests such as ultrasound and HITA scans don’t detect abnormalities. This is typical, as those tests can only find calcified stones, not sludge or stones. I have had many patients tell me on their initial consultation that only after years of suffering their doctors finally decided to perform a cholecystectomy (removal of the gallbladder) despite no imaging depicting a problem. However, once their gallbladder was removed, they were told it was indeed full of sludge or sand. 

Unfortunately, in many cases the removal of the gallbladder not only doesn’t eliminate problems, but it can also exacerbate symptoms. Many people report new, unusual health issues and autoimmune problems following a cholecystectomy.  

For 15 years I’ve been helping people with gallbladder dysfunction.  The majority of the time the gallbladder can be repaired, and a much higher level of function and vitality is achieved. Using special enzymes, herbs, acupuncture and other safe, functional and holistic therapies we have been able to help remediate hundreds of people’s lives through rehabilitating gallbladder function. The energy, strength, vitality and focus that returns can be remarkable. If you have already had your gallbladder removed that is not an issue. Most people coming to the office have already made this choice. And despite that, I can proudly say these people still achieve huge improvements in health and function.

Dr. David L. Pollack is the founder of Pollack Wellness Institute, located at 66 Commack Rd., #204, Commack, NY. For appointments or information, call 631-462-0801, email [email protected] or visit
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