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Compound Pharmacy Supports Customized Health Needs

The Chemist Shop is an independently owned specialty and compounding pharmacy located in Long Island City that specializes in meeting the unique needs of their patients. “Compared to the standard pharmacy, our compounding pharmacy specializes in not just dispensing medication, but customizing medication for each individual patient,” explains The Chemist Shop owner, Roberto Vito. “We work with your medical team to build a high-quality formula based on your unique health needs.”

According to Vito, specialty and compounding pharmacies are highly specialized disciplines requiring training, dedication, creativity and a solid knowledge of treatment options. “Our team at The Chemist Shop is highly trained in helping you and your medical team find the most optimal, personalized prescription for you based on your individual health goals,” he affirms. “We are actively engaged in providing the highest quality products and new medicines as they come to market.”

Vito attests that medicine isn’t one-size-fits-all. “We offer custom doses, preservative free and hypoallergenic options. Our compounds are mixed in-house and made of only the highest quality ingredients,” he says. “Whether you’re in-person or on the phone, you’ll receive excellent care every time. We’re here for you.”

Location: 3015 38th Ave., Long Island City, NY. For more information, call 718-472-0900 or visit

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