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Another Leap Forward in Dental Healing: My Root Canal Hurts

Experiencing pain in a tooth that underwent a root canal some time ago can be attributed to many potential causes. Despite the meticulous cleaning and sealing of the tooth's canals you hope happened during the root canal procedure, complications may arise over time. One common issue is the development of new infections in the treated tooth, indicating that some bacteria might have persisted by poor or incomplete disinfection, or the root canal was re-contaminated at some point. Additionally, if the dental restoration—such as a crown—isn’t sealed properly, it could expose the tooth to further infection or damage. Occasionally, inflammation of the surrounding tissues may persist from possibly missed anatomy during treatment, leading to discomfort. Moreover, untreated issues in neighboring teeth or changes in your overall oral health could contribute to the pain. Seeking prompt evaluation by your dentist is essential. Dr. Jeffrey Etess and his team at Integrative Dental Specialists will help determine the exact source of your discomfort and enable you to address it in the most minimally invasive fashion, properly and effectively.

At Integrative Dental Specialists, setting the highest standard of care is what we are about.   implementing leading-edge dental protocols allows our practice to do what other dentists are unable to offer. There is nothing superior to the teeth that are biologically your own, therefore you should do all that you can to ensure that you maintain them, even a root canal tooth.  Dr. Etess is specialty trained to fix these problems and perform root canal procedures other dentists can’t. Using exclusive endodontic rehabilitative and root canal disinfection techniques including laser and oxygen ozone, challenging root canal teeth can be restored and rejuvenated back to normal healthy function. Pioneering therapies developed by Dr. Etess that save teeth like the root canal alternative treatment ToothRegenesisTM, which re-establishes the blood supply to the tooth, even an infected tooth or tooth that has previously had root canaled therapy, revitalizing and making the tooth “alive” again. 

If you are looking for the finest, safest, healthiest and most predictable results to correct your dental issues, make an appointment with Dr. Etess today.

Jeffrey Etess, DMD, NMD, IBDM, graduated in the top 10% from the prestigious University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine. An IVY LEAGUE trained Certified Endodontic Specialist/Implant Specialty Surgeon with a dual degree in Dentistry and Board Certified in Naturopathic & Integrative medicine & certified in biomimetic cosmetic dentistry to provide a broad array of biological dentistry covering all facets of restorative, cosmetic, prosthetic, surgical, endodontic, pediatric, periodontal, and implant dentistry for his patients for over 26 years. 

Dr. Jeffrey Etess