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Natural Awakenings NYC & Long Island

Detox Your Way to Wellness

Cleansing Concepts is an oasis of holistic wellness treatments designed to transform and revitalize from the inside out. “It’s our mission to create balance, harmony and a healthier you with our alternative therapies,” says Vanessa Drew, founder of Cleansing Concepts. “We’re pioneers in the industry, helping clients reach their wellness goals for almost 19 years. Every guest receives personalized attention from our highly trained technicians within a relaxing spa environment.”

When conventional methods failed to help her with digestive issues and a misdiagnosed ruptured appendix, Drew turned to holistic natural medicine. “After exploring many different options, I discovered colon cleansing, a gentle internal bath that aids the body in the detoxification process. Cleansing helped me to heal, and I’ve dedicated my life to helping others rebuild their health and well-being,” she affirms. “Our services assist the body in the natural detox process—helping with, but not limited to, constipation, weight loss, Lyme disease, skin issues, inflammation, stress reduction, depression, immune function, and heavy-metal detox.”

Drew firmly believes that the body can heal itself with proper care and support. “Your health can be improved tremendously. You don’t need to spend a fortune doing it, either. Please keep it simple, be consistent, and let us help you,” she says. 

Cleansing Concepts has several state-of-the-art facilities that offer quality services at affordable pricing. Call the Red Bank, NJ, location at 732-741-2444; the Garden City, NY, location at  

516-640-5322; the Smithtown, NY, location at 631-656-6313; or the Manhattan, NY, location at 212-256-0032. Visit CleansingConceptsWorld.com for address information.