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Meet and Greet Your True Self

Manifestation Coach Irina Portnova, founder of Lifepalette Coaching, knows that many people feel lost in life’s hustle. To combat that, she has launched free, bi-monthly virtual Meet and Greet Your True Self workshops to help attendees discover their true self. “Life can often feel like a whirlwind where we constantly juggle responsibilities, expectations and societal pressure. In this chaos, we tend to lose sight of what truly matters—the journey to understand and embrace our authentic selves. This journey is not just important; it’s crucial,” she affirms. 

In these workshops, Portnova helps attendees connect and rediscover their true selves. “Not long ago, I was desperately searching for deeper meaning and purpose in a world that often felt strange and difficult to navigate. On the surface, everything was great, but I couldn’t help shaking this nagging feeling of emptiness,” explains this passionate coach, who then embarked on a seven-year educational journey of self-discovery. “I began looking at myself and my situation in an entirely new light. It was like I found the missing piece to a puzzle. The results were life changing.”

Using her own unique experiences as inspiration, she helps workshop attendees get to know their true selves, too. “I will guide you toward a renewed sense of self-awareness, confidence and clarity as you fall in love with the Real You and take control of your life. Together, we’ll unseal a life rich in authenticity and purpose, waiting just beneath the surface.”

For more information call 646-949-9422 or email [email protected]. To accept your exclusive invite to the Meet and Greet Your True Self workshop visit LifePalette.net/meet-and-greet-true-self.