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The Best of Humanity

By Alison David Bird 

The passage of linear time is marked by the ebb and flow of the silvery moon, as waves of cosmic radiation influence the tides of men. 

In your upward Ascension spiral you cycle round to specific calendar dates and events that are indicators of the passage of linear time that the collective celebrates as milestones in the procession of your spiritual growth. Every 12 months you will intercept a nexus point in the vertical spiral of time which results in great feasting and celebration. Solstice, Christmas, Hanukkah, Posadas Navi Dena, and others. 

There were spiritual beings who walked the Earth at these points in time who were unveiled to the truth of their stellar origins. Brick by brick and stone by stone they paved the many paths up the mountain that you all walk today through their teachings of love, compassion and wisdom. 

Can you believe that as Emissaries of Light, it was easier to spread the Word, over 2,000 years ago, than it is now? Life was hard and people were ready to listen. We look around and we wonder when that time will come again. How difficult do things need to get on the planet surface before each of you are forced to call out to your creator for ‘Help’ on your return to Unity Consciousness? 

These festive holidays bring out the very best in many, but in others—the lost, the lonely, the sad and disenfranchised—it can bring out the worst. The lost souls cry out to the Angels in their despair and turn their backs on Love, and even their God, in complete denial—these are the stranded boats that ran aground in turbulent waters…

Others sing out in praise and celebration and in those moments, they project a frequency of pure love and gratitude—the formula for miracles! 

When the collective focuses their positive thoughts, feelings and emotions in unison as they do at these times of ritual, they propagate a wave of energy that is so powerful it can raise you up and deliver you to the Ascension Gates. 

Why should this be for a day, or a week, or a season?

This year we ask you to be attentive. Listen, focus on each moment that you spend in love and gratitude and lock-in that vibration so that you may carry it with you throughout the year! Whether it is the celebration of the birth of Jesus, or of your own birthday, why not be the best that you can be always, IN ALL WAYS?

Someone is born every day; can you hold that vibration for them, too? If you can, you will send waves of frequency throughout the fields of consciousness like ripples of water when the tide turns and the sea begins its journey back to shore, building slowly at first, wave upon wave, until it lifts all boats stuck in the mud, and in its wake will float even the heaviest of boats. 

This article was submitted by Robin Landau, Marconics Master Teacher, who is here to assist others on their Ascension. She can be reached at 516-369-3653 or [email protected]

Alison David Bird, C.Ht, is the originator of Marconics Ascension Energy. For more information about Marconics, practitioner training courses, spiritual alchemy and personal transformation workshops, visit Marconics.com