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Another Leap Forward in Dental Healing: Keeping your Teeth

A young woman sought a second opinion from Dr. Jeff at Integrative Dental Specialists due to persistent biting pain following a dental filling performed by her regular dentist. The initial recommendations from two local specialists included a root canal or extraction followed by a dental implant. However, Dr. Jeff chose to conduct a comprehensive examination to explore minimally invasive alternatives. 

Fortunately, it was determined that the cause of the girl's pain was an improperly placed filling. With skillful precision, Dr. Jeff replaced the filling, alleviating the young woman's pain and sparing her from undesirable dental procedures.

Preserving natural teeth over resorting to root canals and implants is of paramount importance and the paradigm of Dr. Jeff’s practice philosophy. Firstly, maintaining original teeth supports overall oral health by preserving the natural alignment of the jaw and preventing bone loss, a common consequence of tooth extraction. Retaining natural teeth also contributes to better chewing function and efficient digestion. Additionally, preserving teeth eliminates the need for invasive procedures like root canals or dental implants, reducing the associated risks and potential complications.  Natural teeth play a crucial role in maintaining facial aesthetics, ensuring a more natural appearance compared to artificial replacements. Furthermore, preserving original teeth is often more cost-effective in the long run, as routine dental care and preventive measures are generally less expensive than extensive restorative treatments.

In the realm of dentistry, not all practitioners are created equal. While many dentists genuinely prioritize their patients' well being, significant variations exist in education, training, skill sets and resources. Quality dentistry encompasses factors such as knowledge, experience and access to premium materials and labs. In today's evolving landscape, dental practices are transitioning from independent offices to corporate or group-owned entities, potentially compromising patient care for profit margins.

Staying at the forefront of the latest dental advancements is not just a commitment but also a paramount focus for Dr. Etess. If you seek the finest, safest, healthiest and most predictable solutions for your dental concerns and wish to explore cutting-edge ideas in modern dentistry, we invite you to contact Integrative Dental Specialists and schedule an appointment with Dr. Etess today.

Jeffrey Etess, DMD, NMD, IBDM, graduated in the top 10% from the prestigious University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine. An IVY LEAGUE trained Certified Endodontic Specialist/Implant Specialty Surgeon with a dual degree in Dentistry and Board Certified in Naturopathic & Integrative medicine & certified in biomimetic cosmetic dentistry to provide a broad array of biological dentistry covering all facets of restorative, cosmetic, prosthetic, surgical, endodontic, pediatric, periodontal, and implant dentistry for his patients for over 26 years. idsli.com