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Ask a Holistic Dentist

Ask a Holistic Dentist is a new consultation service launched by Dr. Lewis Gross, founder of Tribeca Center for Integrative Holistic Dentistry in New York City. “This new offering could

save you pain and suffering from unnecessary surgery, and from spending thousands of dollars when there are simple and less expensive options,” he says. “The process is easy and helps answer dental issues for people who may be homebound or unable to visit a physical office. It is especially valuable for out-of-state residents seeking more natural solutions.”

Gross shares that those who use the service will be empowered to take control of their dental health, rather than feeling rushed into approving expensive and/or invasive treatments. “Plus, you’ll learn about natural alternatives to help prevent dental disease and the systemic toxicity of some procedures and products,” he explains. “Additionally, you’ll be taught how to maintain a dental wellness log.” Each person will also receive free oral saliva pH strips, valued at $50. 

Callers will get a chance to discuss areas of interest depending on their personal dental concerns, including alternatives to root canals, mercury amalgam and BPA fillings, periodontal surgery, implants, sleep medicine, TMJ, orthodontics and pediatric dental procedures. 

Ask a Holistic Dentist will be provided by a licensed New York State dentist. This service is not meant to replace a hands-on physical examination.

Cost: one-time fee of $200. To use this service, send a detailed email to [email protected] describing your tooth/gums situation, including photos, X-rays and pertinent documentation. For more information, call 212-732-2200 or visit Holistic-Dentists.com.