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13 Moons Animal Wisdom: Healing Animals and Their People Nationwide

Gabrielle Wyant-Perillo, nationally recognized for her expertise in animal communication and her quiet approach to healing, announces the launch of on-location sessions for White Eagle Emotional Memory Release. As the founder of 13 Moons Animal Wisdom, her work centers on fostering deeper connections between animals and their human counterparts.

At the core of Perillo's practice is White Eagle Emotional Memory Release, a personal approach she created to address emotional trauma and behavioral issues in animals. This approach combines elements of trust-building through animal communication, Universal Life Force Energy balancing and emotional memory release to facilitate healing on profound levels.

"Animals carry emotional memories just as we do. Addressing these emotions can lead to remarkable transformations in their behavior and well-being," says Perillo. "The White Eagle Emotional Memory Release sessions provide a safe space for both animals and their people to release and heal."

Perillo's experience as a telepathic animal communicator allows her to discuss and understand the intricate emotions and experiences of her animal clients. Her sessions aim to not only support animals but also aid their human companions in understanding and resolving their own underlying emotional imbalances that can inadvertently cause behavioral concerns in their animals. 

Animal communication sessions offer a spectrum of benefits, ranging from healing trauma, fostering trust and bolstering confidence to enhancing performance and offering guidance through difficult end-of-life transitions. They also target correcting behavioral issues, facilitating introductions in fostering or rescue situations, promoting cooperation, mitigating fear and aggression and nurturing profound heart-to-heart connections. This holistic approach endeavors to establish a harmonious and empathetic relationship between animals and humans.

For more information or to schedule a session, visit 13MoonsAnimalWisdom.com