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Why Probiotics are so Important: What Works and What Doesn’t

From the Desk of Dr. Howard Robins at The Healing Center in New York City

You will likely be very surprised when you read the following facts—many of which are simply astounding! 

Probiotic bacteria help digest your food in exchange for a warm, safe place to live. They not only help process the food we eat, but they also make vitamins and can produce essential amino acids. Plus, they’re able to talk to and educate our immune system.

Yet, Hippocrates, the famed ancient Greek physician, was purported to say that “all disease begins in the gut.”  

On a recent 60 Minutes news segment on probiotics, Dr. Patricia Hibberd, an infectious disease specialist and a professor of medicine at Boston University, was asked, “Is there convincing evidence that commercially available probiotics have been found to be beneficial for reducing diarrhea from antibiotics, treating irritable bowel syndrome, or decreasing allergies?”

Her answer was, “no!” She went on to say, “The whole idea that maybe throwing in good bacteria that we would take by mouth that hopefully would land in the right places in the GI tract and work with the immune system, we just don't know how to do any of that.”

A major cause of confusion may be the placebo effect whereby some people using probiotics may feel better because they expect to feel better.

Israel’s Weizmann Institute of Science professors Eran Elinav and Eran Segal collected thousands of samples from a small group of adult volunteers who were given probiotics following multiple endoscopies and colonoscopies to see what was in their gut.

Half of the individuals were given placebos and half were given probiotics in very large amounts. What they discovered was that the probiotics just go in and just go out and don’t populate the gut. They were shocked!

Antibiotics and Good Bacteria

Have you ever had an antibiotic? Even once in your lifetime? Well, guess what, all your good gut bacteria are gone! Antibiotics kill the good boys off with the bad bacteria rapidly. You may be thinking you’re okay because you take probiotics daily. Well, guess what, virtually 90 percent of them are destroyed by your stomach acids and digestive enzymes and never reach your gut. The rest rarely, if at all, populate the gut wall as discussed and proven above by the researchers.

“But it says they were alive at the time of manufacturing on the label,” you think. Yes, they are supposedly in “suspended animation,” but most are dead and those that aren’t dead won’t come back to life even if they survive the stomach.

This is what was found and explains the comments and results of the researchers.

Dr. Jeff Gordon of 60 Minutes said, “Despite disagreement about how or whether today’s probiotics work, every scientist we spoke with was hopeful about the possibility of improving health by manipulating the microbiome.”

All my patients need probiotics as my intravenous ozone therapy will destroy all bacteria, just not as fast as antibiotics. This is what led me to find a product that can really work.

Is there an answer? Is there a product that can really work?

Finally, YES! Doctor’s Biome Colon Health.

After years of costly research, in answer to overcoming all the concerns and problems with probiotics, Doctor’s Biome Colon Health was finally created. Extensive use and testing on patients by doctors from around the country have proven its benefits.

What makes this new, first of its kind probiotic so special is that it combines 15 strains of PATENTED (they have letters and numbers after their names), LIVING (when you swallow the delicious 100 percent organic vegetable-fruit juice they are ‘awake and alive adults’), NEXT GENERATION SMART BACTERIA that are made and laboratory tested to survive the stomach more than 85 percent and populate the wall of your gut.

“Smart” bacteria can sense they’re attached to your intestinal cells, and then remodel their expression of specific genes, including those involved in metabolism, to beneficially exploit your cells and colonize your gut.

So finally, you can stop wasting your money on products that have been shown to have virtually no value and take ones that will really make a difference. 

Visit DoctorsBiome.com to find even more compelling reasons to buy this groundbreaking product. You can also listen to archived shows about the microbiome on Dr. Robins’ radio show featured on 
VoiceAmerica.com titled Functional Medicine with Dr. Robins. For more details, call his office at 212-581-0101.
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