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Emotional Relief and Trauma Recovery at The Tibet House in New York City

The Tibet House in New York City is hosting a special program for emotional relief and trauma recovery led by author and stress expert, Brett Cotter. He is the founder of Stress Is Gone and is excited to announce his upcoming program, “Lasting Emotional Relief using the Stress Is Gone Method.” This workshop series is being held on the last four Tuesday evenings in April, either online or in-person at the Tibet House.

“The Tibet House is a very a special place the Dalai Lama himself commissioned in 1987,” shares Cotter. “It’s a hub of Eastern philosophy in the West and truly an honor to be there.”

During this event, participants release layers of emotional pain and rediscover self-love in a safe, supportive group environment. Activities will include group release work, personalized one-on-one laser coaching, practicing self-care techniques, and elements of music, movement and meditation (time permitting).

According to Cotter, the Stress Is Gone Method is a transformational healing modality that helps people quickly let go of overwhelming emotional pain, trauma and anxiety. “As part of the process, I ask intuitive questions to surface the underlying source of a person’s stress. Then I guide the group through channeled affirmations to release the emotional pain,” he explains. “These releases often settle childhood traumas and reduce everyday stress.” 

Cotter further explains that every time we experience a trauma it impedes the way energy flows through our body. “It’s similar to crimping your garden hose. Each trauma puts another crimp in the hose. It accumulates over time until little to no water flows. Well, what then happens to our garden?” asks this passionate practitioner, who diligently creates a safe space for the pain to arise and release from the body and the old memory. “And then we let the love rush in, so the energy flows freely again. Best of all, we get that happiness and sweetness back.”

Brett Cotter has more than 25 years of experience helping others recover from the most traumatic events of their lives. He is a clairaudient empath that helps people quickly release stress, tension and anxiety, cleansing their mind and body. He leads groups at the Omega Institute, Kripalu, Tibet House, Himalayan Institute, and the Open Center. He is also the trauma specialist for Meditation Magazine, author of 3 Keys to Managing PTSD: The Warrior's Guide to Overcoming Combat Trauma, trains Vet-to-Vet Crisis Counselors in SuicidePrevention, is certified by AAETS, accredited by IMMA, and his core method is certified by AIS.

Stress Is Gone was formed in 2008 to help people let go of stress, anxiety and the emotional pain from traumatic memories. “If you’ve been struggling, I encourage you to join us for this engaging, healing and grounding workshop series and receive the ongoing after-care to support your journey,” invites Cotter. 

Cost: Full course is $140, drop-in $40. Dates/time: Tuesdays, April 9 to 30 from 6 to 8 p.m. Location: 22 West 15th St., NYC. For more information and to register, visit StressIsGone.com/upcomingprograms.

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