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Eckankar: The Path of Spiritual Freedom

by Rodney Jones

Have you ever come to the point in your life where you want to know what it all means? What is the point of life? Often there is a hunger or longing for something that you may not even be able to name. Maybe you have raised a few kids or are in a busy career. Maybe you are just starting your journey in college or work.  Where does it all lead? What is it all for? What is the sense of it all? Enter Eckankar, the Path of Spiritual Freedom. For me, Eckankar gave me tools to discover, for myself, the “Why” of my life. It brings together Coincidences, Destiny, Soul Travel, Past Lives, Dreams, the Ups and Downs of life, and shows that there is love, and a pathway to deeper love. Love of self, family and friends. Love for God, and the love of God for each of us.

As a musician and music teacher, I am in a world where musicians play with feeling and with great passion. Yet...there is another step. For me, that is to discover, and remember, the purpose of my life. To discover the unique life that I have, that we all have, and to find love, and the source of love, within it.

Eckankar teaches that each of us is Soul. A timeless, deathless spark of God who cannot die. We are Souls having a human experience, not humans with a Soul.

We each live our own Soul Adventure, our Journey of Soul where life offers lessons and blessings, gifts and obstacles, to refine our spiritual eyesight and hearing. 

How do I go to the deepest source to get the deepest answers to the questions of my life? 

There are easy, simple tools and techniques that do not require you to believe any kind of doctrine or dogma; rather they open the inner world of being, like a great adventure…a wonderful love story. God’s love for me, God’s love for you, the Hand of Spirit in all things.

As a longtime music teacher at schools like Juilliard and The Manhattan School of Music, I share my wisdom, insights and knowledge with the students, who then apply that to their own lives, and discover the music inside of themselves. It saves them years of trial and error when I share the World Lessons from my journey with them.

There are spiritual teachers, called ECK Masters, who offer similar guidance in spiritual matters. They offer insights, and wisdom, into how I may know “truth” for myself, and learn how divine spirit works with, and speaks to me.

It is in the learning to give and receive God’s love, that the love story that life is, is revealed.

So, an Eckankar Soul Adventure is a place to discover answers to the Why of life for yourself. It is a gathering of open-hearted souls who are learning to live lives of ever deepening fulfillment and realization. An Eckankar Soul Adventure is a wonderful place to deepen and expand your relationship with God in your own unique and personal way. 

Your life, your story matters. You are Soul—a beautiful, divine, unique creation of God. The treasures of love within you await discovery and remembrance.

Rodney Jones is world renowned jazz guitarist, founder of The Rodney Jones Trio and longtime music instructor at Juilliard and The Manhattan School of Music. He discovered the path of Eckankar in 1968 and has since then been an ECKist. For more information on Eckankar visit Eckankar.org/eck-soul-adventure and Eckankar-ny.org/nyseminar2024.

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