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A Reason for Hope in Today’s Climate of Fear

The community is invited to a free, thought-provoking presentation by Share International volunteers Judy Kretmar and Camille Laoang being held on March 16 at 2 p.m. at the UU Fellowship of Huntington in Huntington, New York. The pair will be speaking publicly about an extraordinary form of help available to humanity at this time of unprecedented crises: A group of profoundly wise and benevolent teachers known as the Masters of Wisdom.

An article by one of these Masters has been published in every issue of Share International magazine since it’s inception in 1982. 

The following article, drawn from that collection, is presented here for your consideration.

The Masters’ Pledge

by the Master —, through Benjamin Creme

As the dark clouds of war gather and obscure the sunlit sky of peace, the response of humanity is twofold: mute acceptance and compliance with the will of the warmongers, or active and spirited resistance to their plans and ploys. Today, we see both reactions in equal measure. Half the world is caught up in the glamour of ‘a war against terrorism’ (without recognizing the underlying cause) and in terrorism itself. The other half deplores both terrorism and the lack of understanding of its genesis. They know that changes, on a major scale, alone hold the key to ending this atrocious evil, and call to the leaders of nations to recognize and address the inequalities which so unfairly divide the world.

This latter group must grow and increase their resistance to the plans of those, now in power, who so threaten the stability of the world. They must find each other and work together, knowing that they work and speak for the vast but silent majority who share their longing for peace and manifested justice.

Peace will only come when justice reigns, when sharing has opened men’s hearts and awakened them to trust. Thus men must work and speak loudly for justice and sharing which alone will bring an end to men’s suffering, to terrorism and war. We, your Elder Brothers, are ready to do Our part. We will potentize all actions taken on behalf of the Common Good. We await the opportunity to manifest Our strength; to help to right the wrongs of the past; to show men the uselessness of war. We pledge our support of all who call for an end to war, for the restoration of sanity and balance in the affairs of men, for the creation of justice and freedom for all.

Help Us to help you. Help Us to do Our part. We long to act, as always, in the interest of the Common Good, which, in Our understanding, is the best interests of all men. Thus it is that We advocate sharing; thus do We advise justice; thus do We see freedom and peace as the culmination of sharing and justice.

Let us work together for the rescue of this world. Let us abandon differences in the interests of the race. Let sanity triumph and bring men to see their mutual need for peace, and the restoration of an ailing world.

Many await the future in dread, fearful that man has lost his way, that it is now too late to find the path to peace. We counsel otherwise. We know that the path to peace is simply found, needing only the creation of justice and trust. We know that sharing alone will engender that trust, and bring men to abandon both terrorism and war. Thus will it be, and thus will men respond to Maitreya’s message of Brotherhood and Justice, free at last from the glamours of fear and mistrust, ready to create the future in deed and in joy.

Note: The words ‘men’ and ‘man’ are used throughout the Master’s articles as general terms meaning humankind.

Free admission, no registration required. Location: 109 Browns Rd., Huntington, NY. 

For more information, call 718-200-7965 or visit Share-International.org/resources/magazine/.

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