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Introducing The New Center for Holistic Learning: A Sanctuary for Spiritual Growth and Ecological Awareness

The New Center for Holistic Learning is opening in New York City, aiming to serve not only New Yorkers but holistic living enthusiasts and spiritual seekers around the globe. This non-profit organization is committed to fostering holistic consciousness, values and practices that address the vital matters of our time.

Based in Manhattan, The New Center for Holistic Learning builds upon the work and legacy of the renowned New York Open Center, which served as an oasis of holistic learning for 38 years. The Open Center’s co-creator, Ralph White, is at the heart of The New Center’s activities, ensuring its commitment to programs of substance, depth, and integrity. According to White, the Center’s mission is to embed a spiritually and ecologically conscious worldview into modern culture, facilitating personal and social transitions toward a more sustainable, harmonious existence with the planet.

White affirms that The Center’s initiative will serve the global holistic community. “It’s a place where seekers across the globe can gather together to empower themselves with knowledge while discovering new and ancient ways of being in the world,” he says. The New Center will offer workshops, talks, trainings and international conferences in online, in-person and hybrid formats. Programs begin this month, with topics including well-being, personal growth, spiritual practices, creativity, and social transformation. “These events will grow in number as the year progresses, and also aim to help us navigate the multiple crises of the 21st century and find wise paths into the future,” White explains.

Emphasizing the importance of discernment in spiritual practices, White underscores the need for centers and communities to be run by grounded people with depth and integrity. The Open Center, a longstanding institution with a solid reputation, exemplified this standard. According to White, launching a new center to carry on the work of the Open Center requires the support of the holistic community of greater New York and beyond. The Center’s Go Fund Me page is currently active and open to receiving donations. “You can help us in our efforts to provide high-quality holistic learning in the heart of the world’s most influential city and make it accessible to both a local and global audience,” he says.

White shares that there couldn’t be a more urgent time for us to address the world’s cultural, climate and values challenges. The Center is part of a global network called the Holistic Centers Network, which supports communication, connection and collaboration among holistic centers worldwide. While each center has its own curriculum and personality, they all share the mission of raising the planet’s consciousness. 

In addition to his work with The New Center, White co-founded the Art of Dying conferences in 1995, which have evolved into the Art of Dying Institute. A writer, speaker and organizer, he is also the author of The Jeweled Highway: On the Quest for a Life of Meaning, a deep introspective contemplation about his quest for a meaningful life amidst the backdrop of his extensive world travels.

To support The New Center for Holistic Learning, visit GoFundMe.com/f/a-new-center-for-holistic-learning-in-nyc or email [email protected]. For more information visit NewCenterNY.org. For more information on Ralph White, visit RalphWhite.net.