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Bringing Spirit Forward

By Alison David Bird, C.Ht., Originator of Marconics

The expression allowing “spirit to come forward” is a euphemism for stepping out of your ego mind; quieting the voice in your head that sows doubt and encourages fear responses in you with all the reasons why you can’t or shouldn’t.   

Trust the voice that echoes in the heart space, instead. Drop down into your heart space and listen. It knows your desires and encourages you to trust and keep the faith that you will be supported in whatever choice you make going forward that is made from a place of sincerity, authenticity and gratitude; this is the voice that encourages your dreams that are in service to others, as opposed to service to self. If you are planning a business venture that lacks integrity so you can give up the job that doesn’t serve you—you will not be supported. Choosing to do something that is an expression of the physical manifestation of your joy and gifts, that you step forward into with an open heart, will be. When you find yourself worrying, ask yourself what you might advise someone else to do? The loving guidance you’d give another is more likely to be in a higher vibration than the self-sabotage you might create for yourself if your ego is engaged.

We are not defining Spirit as a 4D entity, conjured up from the Astral plane or Spirit World, that has nothing to do with you, other than that when he was alive you borrowed his lawnmower. Nor are we referring to Angels or Ascended Masters, or Galactic Emissaries... When we refer to Spirit we are referring to higher versions of you, expressions of your greater Oversoul existing in higher dimensional spaces that are in resonance with your frequency as you raise your vibration or “go higher.” Those versions of you (who might just happen to be having an experience as an Angel in one dimension—or a Galactic Emissary in another, but will still be you—and not your neighbor who wants his lawn mower back) should be prepared to hand you off to the next version of YOU in the bandwidth above them as you continue to raise frequency and vibration, and so begin to ascend out of their bandwidth of frequency and experience. 

Imagine climbing a fire escape type stairwell in a large tower block. One version meets you at the level where you arrived, and after accompanying you up several flights of stairs, can’t take you any higher. They are tired and gasping for air, so the next higher version of you takes over and accompanies you as you climb the next couple of floors, and so on. Finally, you arrive at the top floor of the building where the highest version of YOU in that structure is sitting with their feet up on YOUR desk, just waiting for you. Now imagine they are communicating with each other on walkie-talkie so everyone knows where you are and the most optimal plan for you. We define ‘Spirit’ as YOU, your higher guidance, the connection between YOU the incarnate here on Earth (boots on the ground), through every version of YOU going up through the dimensional structure, to YOU at SOURCE—your future ascended state.

In bringing spirit forward, the ego must step back. Spirit won’t push forward unless invited.

This article was submitted by Robin Landau, Marconics Master Teacher, who is here to assist others on their ascension. She can be reached at 516-369-3653 or [email protected]

Alison David Bird, C.Ht, is the originator of Marconics Ascension Energy Healing. For more information about Marconics, practitioner training courses, spiritual alchemy, and personal transformation workshops, visit Marconics.com.