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Another Leap Forward in Dental Healing: Mercury Fillings

The infamous “Mercury Filling,” also known as a dental amalgam or silver filling, has a long and questionable history. French dentist Dr. Auguste Taveau first developed the modern dental amalgam in 1816, although earlier versions date back to the Chinese Tang Dynasty, which ended in 907 AD. Amalgams consist of various combinations of silver, nickel, zinc, copper and tin with about 50 percent of it being mercury. The safety of dental amalgams is a hot topic of dental debate. Mercury unarguably is toxic to humans due to its ability to accumulate in the brain, kidneys, lungs, liver, gastrointestinal tract and exocrine glands causing neurotoxicity, cellular damage, oxidative stress, immune suppression, and reproductive harm—especially from long term chronic exposure. Mercury vapor, released during the placement, chewing and removal of dental amalgams, is inhaled into the lungs and absorbed by the body. Some believe this exposure can lead to multiple sclerosis and other autoimmune dysfunctions. With all this controversy, why are dental schools still teaching amalgams and why are dentists still placing them in their patients’ mouths? While amalgams are durable, lasting over 20 years, their rigidity compared to natural tooth structure can cause stress cracks, compromising tooth health and leading to ultimate tooth failure. Additionally, as mercury fillings corrode over time, they allow pathogens to infiltrate and contaminate the tooth pulp leading to root canals or extractions. Eventually, chewing and time will lead to the demise of the amalgam-filled tooth.

Thinking about removing your mercury fillings? It’s crucial to do it correctly. Specialized protocols exist for the safe removal of mercury fillings, and certain organizations claim to offer training to ensure dentists are qualified for this procedure. Unlike average dentists, who are primarily trained to drill into teeth, removing mercury fillings can lead to unpredictable findings and must be handled with precision to maintain tooth health. The key to proper mercury filling removal is to seek out a skilled and competent dental practitioner, as not all dentists possess the same level of expertise. At Integrative Dental Specialists of Long Island, Dr. Etess and his team provide expert guidance on managing dental amalgam removal and other major dental issues. Our practice is equipped with advanced technology and committed to using premium, biocompatible and biomimetic materials to ensure the best and safest care. We prioritize doing things right, embodying dental integrity, which means performing the correct procedures even when no one is watching. Dr. Etess stands for this principle.

Your mouth is a biological machine that requires regular maintenance—especially for teeth with silver fillings. Like all machines, dental care involves ongoing upkeep and, at times, tooth repair or even replacement, regardless of how well you maintain them. Dr. Etess utilizes the most effective tooth disinfection protocols and the latest biocompatible and biomimetic dental materials to ensure painless, aesthetic and functional tooth restorations. Crucially, Dr. Etess brings masterful skill and precision to his work, providing the highest quality of care necessary for perfect tooth repair. Anything less will not ensure long-term success.

Staying at the forefront of dental advancements is a top priority for Dr. Etess. To provide our patients with the most sanitary environment, we employ enhanced ultraviolet air and surface disinfection protocols. Not all dental practices are the same. Dr. Etess prides himself on delivering unmatched, top-notch care, adhering to the highest standards. Excuses are no longer acceptable. If you seek the finest, safest, healthiest and most predictable results for your dental issues, supported by the latest technology, contact Integrative Dental Specialists to schedule an appointment with Dr. Etess today.

Jeffrey Etess, DMD, NMD, IBDM, graduated in the top 10% from the prestigious University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine. An IVY LEAGUE trained Certified Endodontic Specialist/Implant Specialty Surgeon with a dual degree in Dentistry and Board Certified in Naturopathic & Integrative medicine & certified in biomimetic cosmetic dentistry to provide a broad array of biological dentistry covering all facets of restorative, cosmetic, prosthetic, surgical, endodontic, pediatric, periodontal and implant dentistry for his patients for almost 27 years. Website: idsli