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In This Issue: July 2022

Summertime Treats

My birth month has arrived! As a kid, I loved having a summer birthday because my family would typically go away for two glorious weeks in Cape Cod. There was nothing better than clambakes on the beach, flying a kite, listening to bands on the green, catching some waves and having zero commitments other than remembering the sunscreen. My father made the best chicken sandwiches with lettuce, perfectly wrapped and placed in a cooler along with a massive jug of iced tea. I can still smell the salty sea air and hear my mother’s voice yelling for me to be “careful” while jumping those vast waves.

Part of what made summer fun were the treats I made or the ones I bought from the ice cream truck, whose tune could be heard from miles away. I remember screaming with glee when I heard its approach, begging my parents for money before it passed me by, for when it did, my entire day would be ruined. Still to this day, hearing the nostalgic tune of an ice cream truck makes me want to run toward it to study the menu. Are the old-school treats still there, or have they been reimagined? It’s lovely to connect this memory to the summers of my youth.

Looking at our cover reminds me of the Creamsicles I used to eat—seemingly only during the summer; those orange ice creams of deliciousness, crunchy on the outside and creamy on the inside, were the perfect way to cool off. Now, you can make them for yourself with our at-home recipe on page 37. 

Michael and I have always taken the boys on a trip every summer. We introduce them to new experiences and cultures, spending our days playing beach games, exercising, dining on different cuisine and, of course, delightfully eating ice cream. We slow down and appreciate the togetherness these getaways give us before the boys become too busy with their own lives. Enjoying summer through their eyes allows me to revisit the past, remembering the good times with my parents and the memories no one can take away. We’ll keep inviting our boys on these summer getaways, even when they have families of their own, so that new traditions can be blended with old ones.

May your summer be filled with amazing treats and wonderful new adventures!


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