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Dementia is Not an Inherited Disease

When intelligent, older people start struggling to find the right words, loved ones can become concerned that it is an indication of impending dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. But these signs can also have other causes. Memory also suffers significantly when a person is in a depressed mood. A lack of chromium, cobalt and vitamin B12 can also affect the memory. 

Alzheimer’s disease is not an inherited disease. One theory is it arises from exposure to toxins, radiation exposure, pesticides and heavy metals such as arsenic, tin or mercury from fish consumption, especially salmon, tuna and anchovies and from amalgam fillings in the teeth. We believe dementia is strictly associated with the malnutrition that is widespread in all industrialized countries whose population consumes too much meat, dairy products, sugar, white flour dishes, salt, coffee, alcohol and industrial fast-food, and little in the way of fruit and fresh vegetables. 

People with symptoms of memory loss should be evaluated for dementia. If these investigations show that dementia is present, then the instructions in our Bircher-Benner Manual No. 24 should be followed. Careful clarification and a detoxification treatment and antioxidant infusion therapy with high doses of glutathione, vitamin C and alpha lipoic acid should be carried out. In this way, if such steps are taken early enough, memory can usually be recovered. 

Dr. Andres Bircher-Benner

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