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Natural Awakenings NYC & Long Island

In This Issue: September 2023

Now that Michael and I are empty nesters, sniff, that leaves extra time to think more about ourselves than we have in a long, long time. What better way to do that than travel to destinations that would not have necessarily appealed to our boys—such as resorts that focus on wellness travel. I am so looking forward to unplanned and unrushed time together, without the constant questioning, “what are we doing next, where are we going, I’m hungry, I’m bored,” you get the picture!

Feeling the sting of dropping our youngest off for his first year at college has left me with a hole in my heart. Michael and I feel we did the best we could raising our son. And, although we feel pride—especially when we see how happy he is as he embarks on this new adventure—we also feel the void. But what's next for us? How can we center all the emotions and keep ourselves grounded and healthy? It's time to focus on who we were before having kids—and shape the next chapter of our lives. 

Whenever we traveled with the boys, we always had workout days as a family, whether in the hotel gym, playing tennis, or just recently—paddle. But there's so much more to wellness travel than the actual workouts. It can include mindfulness and healthy cooking classes, rejuvenating at a spa, hiking in nature, or calming activities such as bird watching or just relaxing and doing nothing other than taking in what’s around you. Something as unassuming as sitting on a mountain top, on the edge of a lake, or the shoreline of an ocean to find stillness in the moment helps recenter our inner being. For some, wellness might focus on weight loss; for others, it's finding a way to manage stress. And for those yearning for new avenues of creative self-expression to boost their well-being it’s taking an art class or learning a new instrument. The skies truly are the limit, and boy, am I ready!

Dedicating time to oneself is not easy, especially while holding down a job, caring for family members, and everything else in between. Wellness travel exists for a reason; it focuses more on experiences we never think to give to ourselves. Think of it as a gift to keep your motor running. 

Let your hardest decision be about “where” you should go, then run to it! Michael has yet to learn what's coming down the pike. 

Best in Health,