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Natural Awakenings NYC & Long Island

In This Issue: February 2023

Build Your Wellness Dream Team

Through Natural Awakenings, we’ve been honored to learn from some of the best practitioners in their chosen health and wellness field. Our family relies on a full roster—functional medical doctor, nutritionist, physical therapist, yoga instructors, herbalist, massage therapist, meditation group, and personal coach— to maintain our health and contribute to our well-being.

At Natural Awakenings NYC–Long Island, our mission is to educate, empower and connect. We educate our community with the latest health and wellness news; empower others to take control of their health; and connect people to the community and the many health-focused businesses in Long Island, New York City and beyond. 

To that end, we offer you this month’s special issue, which includes the 2023 Natural Awakenings Health and Wellness Guide. This unique annual guide provides pages of resources to help you build your wellness dream team. We recommend that you keep this issue nearby for easy reference throughout the year. It includes an extensive directory, a wide array of wellness profiles and a natural-living glossary to help you better understand unfamiliar terminology. Refer to it when you or someone important in your life has a need that can be filled by one of the wellness professionals in these pages.

On behalf of our team at Natural Awakenings NYC–Long Island, we wish you a bright, beautiful, healthy and balanced 2023.

Stay well, New York!

Cyrece and Michael

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