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Natural Awakenings NYC & Long Island

In This Issue: January 2024

Happy 2024! 

Well, here we are, another year and another opportunity to seize the moments we may have overlooked last year. I often look back and think about things I "should have done" rather than what I did! When you stack up 365 days, that's a lot to try and fill with something new, so rather than seeing the half-empty glass, the half-full is the better way to walk through life. 

I'm trying to see the glass half-full as I age, which can be tricky sometimes. Being optimistic takes a certain kind of focus and drive to try and fill that glass. It's simple to get into a rut of lamenting about the past rather than seeing that the road is still vast, long and exciting ahead. Aging doesn't have to mean we slow down or give up our dreams. For some, this is when we reach the goals we had set for ourselves when we were younger, goals that had to be put aside for work or family obligations. Choosing to do something because you want to rather than “having to” makes the journey that much sweeter. 

There are plenty of things on my to-do list and rather than think I'm running out of time, I’m "taking my time" to immerse myself in things that make me happy, fulfilled and stimulate my mind. As the population ages and lives longer, there are more opportunities to be functional on our terms, judgment-free and carefree. Michael and I enjoy watching our two boys navigate through college and the experiences that come with it, and we are thankful that they appreciate our company, still ask for advice, and want to share their lives. And since they are out on their own this is the time to seize new ideas. It's our next phase, and hopefully, with continued good health, we can all allow ourselves to be who we thought we were or wanted to be. Now's our chance!

Always in health, Cyrece