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In This Issue: September 2022

This letter is dedicated to Michael and his mother. A few weeks ago, after 50 years of fighting and surviving cancer, his mom put her sword down at 80 years young. Despite his own untimely bout with COVID during his mom’s final weeks, my husband found his usual way of embodying our article on page 23, “How to Create an Inspired and Empowered Life.”

Even before his mother’s final health battle began, Michael has started each day with meditation and yoga; now, he needed this, even more, to help him through the difficult days. He practiced walking meditations in the confined space of her room and throughout the beautiful gardens filled with waterfalls, giving him peace and tranquility during the most challenging days and hours.

The article cites “connection” as the first principle to inspired and empowered living, through breath and feeling present. The irony that her breathing woke him in the hospice care room is not lost on me. There are sounds the body emits as it loses its grip on life that are known to anyone who has been with a loved one at the end. Hearing her rapid breathing, he instinctively played her favorite music to help calm down what must have been her fear of finally letting go.

Michael has always been very in tune with his breathing, and he has helped me during times of anxiousness slow my breathing down and channel it in a more calm and symbiotic way. He gave this gift to his mother through music. This was their final connection; without words, their souls came together in one last breath.

“Self-Love” is the second principle. Parent/child relationships can be complex; even though the love is there, it’s not always shown. Learning self-acceptance, self-forgiveness and self-love can ease the empty feelings we may have when we lose our loved ones.

May she fly free of pain, and let this letter inspire you to stay present and in the moment, each day of your remaining life. 

Always in health, Cyrece

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