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Natural Awakenings NYC & Long Island

In This Issue: May 2023

Welcome to May, the month devoted to mom. If yours is still with you, rejoice and celebrate. In my house, I’ve always told my boys, tongue in cheek, that every day is Mother's Day because every day I think about them, and I always make myself available when they are in need. 

As our children enter adulthood, I still want to do, give, offer, aid, listen, make, drive, fix, etc.—you get my point. In fact, I recently delivered a suitcase for my son that he needed for a next-day trip. I hopped in the car and headed up the highway to his place, gave him a kiss and the suitcase, and then immediately got back in the car and returned home. Door-to-door, it’s a three-hour round-trip. And you know what? I'd do it again if I got the call.

The need to save them never dissipates just because they leave the nest. When they panic, we appear to smooth things over. When they call late at night, it's our turn to panic until we get the all-clear. Our minds wander with fear when they are out of our sight. As mothers, we live and breathe for our offspring; they are our lineage, and we garnered that coveted title the second they were born. But it would be impossible to find a guidebook with instructions on how to do the job because it's ever-changing and evolving. There are no two mothers raising children the same way. So, we do the best we can. 

This is the first year Michael and I don't have our mothers with us since their passing. The last time I saw my mom was just after Mother's Day last year. Deep down, I had a feeling it would be our last together. Even with our up-and-down relationship, I feel the void of not having her here on Earth. I wish I knew what she thinks of my job thus far. Am I the kind of mother she thought I would be?

There are times when I wish I could talk to her about parenting and the decisions I've made, both good and bad, and if she would have done the same. Ah, mothers. Some are complicated, some are easy, some are warm, and some are cold. And some are a mix of them all. Whatever yours is or was, find the most authentic moments of joy and hold them close to your heart, for we came from only one mother and can all find something to thank her for. 

Always in health, Cyrece