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In This Issue: June 2023

How on earth can it possibly be June already? Every time I blink, we're into the next month. A moment ago we’re celebrating Mother’s Day and now we’re filled with anticipation for summer, Father's Day, and the end of another school year for the boys.

I don’t know about you, but in our world this month is going to be jam-packed! Our youngest is graduating from high school, and our oldest just got his dream summer job. As parents, Michael and I are proud of their accomplishments while grappling with our soon-to-be empty nest. I know the show must go on, and we must parent through it all, but this will shock our nervous systems. 

Do we ever really adjust to the absence of our children's presence? While I suppose I’ve gotten used to our oldest not being in the house, I wouldn't say I like it. In fact, it’s quite the contrary. I love nothing more than having my family near me. I’m happiest when the house is whole and our quad is complete. 

Michael just moved his father closer to us from another state. I must say, my father-in-law was really courageous. He wasn't sure he was ready or even willing to come cross country, but he pushed through any resistance and said yes to starting over again at an advanced age. It was a big move filled with many emotions. I can imagine it was scary at times, but he overcame his fears and envisioned a brighter future for himself and his son, and his grandsons. And we’re delighted that he’s here with us now. 

Michael, of course, is relieved to have his dad nearby to spend these twilight years together. Michael hasn't spent Father's Day with his dad in many years, and this will be the first time three generations will be together as one. In a sense, his father left his empty nest to build a new one with a different feeling, one filled with family that he could not see living so far away. After the death of Michael's mom, I'm sure his dad was left with a sense of uncertainty.

The good news is that his father has adjusted nicely and has made new friends, is involved in activities, and gets to see us regularly. This breathes new life into an aging soul. 

If we're all lucky enough to have the nest rebuilt again with future generations, it's never really empty. Life runs in circles, and as long as the door can open, the rooms will be filled with laughter and love once again. 

Happy Father's Day to All!

Cyrece and Michael

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