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In This Issue: October 2023

October brings a unique blend of nostalgia, transformation and celebration. It also brings out pumpkin everything—lattes, pies, cookies, donuts, soups, you name it! Fresh produce appears in roadside stands filled with apples, squash and corn. While Michael and I were recently celebrating our 26th wedding anniversary in Greenport, New York (the little cousin of the Hamptons), we drove by stand after stand packed with fall's deliciousness. 

It reminded me of my youth in upstate New York; as each October rounded the corner, my father packed us into the car, and off we went with our cousins to pick apples. I have such vivid memories of climbing trees throughout the orchids and exclaiming with delight to all who cared to listen, "Look at my bag full of apples!" I couldn't wait to get home and start peeling so I could watch my mother make her famous apple pies.

October's crisp, cool weather extends its welcoming hand and invites us to join in all its outdoor activities such as hiking, picking pumpkins, and my all-time favorite—corn mazes! When our boys were little, there wasn't a maze we would not try. The glee that our boys had with every clue they found must have been heard from miles away. After finding our way out, we would devour apple cider donuts, then head over to the pumpkin patch to find pumpkins of all sizes to adorn the outside of our home. 

Since October marks the peak of the harvest season in many agricultural regions, I know that many of us relish this time of year. What are your favorite farm stand delicacies, and what memories of your youth do they evoke? Whatever they may be, I sincerely hope they provide nostalgia and yummy meals that warm the soul!

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