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In This Issue: March 2024

Welcome to March! I find it curious that we all make resolutions at the beginning of every year to make better food choices, but why not extend it a little longer? This month’s edition has great articles showcasing food and cheering on more plant-based options. Back in the stone age when I was growing up, I was raised on meat and potatoes. That’s all we knew and were taught by our parents and culture, so it made up the bulk of my diet. 

Everything changed once I was on my own and had a vegetarian roommate. Seeing what she ate and how she looked was the push I needed. On a visit home, I eagerly told my mother of my newfound dietary change. Luckily for me, she ran with it. She even bought me my first vegetarian cookbook, which I still lovingly use.

Back in those days, it was easier to grab a bag of chips and boil some pasta than it was to rinse and chop produce for salad. However, I couldn’t deny that the more veggies I ate, the better I felt. I didn’t have the time or the patience—until I liked how it made me feel. And once I realized how much better I felt eating a more wholesome, nutritious diet, I was determined to stay on the path. 

It takes effort to make a change, but with the latest news in our Food Trends for 2024 article, you can see that it’s more achievable. There’s no need to be so restrictive with your diet because—as we all know—once you stop, you’ll return to the way you ate before. It’s time to say goodbye to yo-yo dieting and hello to clean eating filled with sustainable, nourishing ingredients that fuel the body. Viewing our healthier eating habits as more of a lifestyle change than a diet is how to win the challenge.

Being the generation that’s writing the script for “how” we age puts us in the driver’s seat. Visit a farmer’s market, introduce a friend to a world of health and color, and find a nutritious food delivery service that removes the guesswork and makes it easy to eat a healthy meal. There are ways to get there: seize the day and your greens!

Best in Health, Cyrece

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